Senior Mechanical Engineer
Seaborg Technologies ApS

Do you want to work for a company which could be a gamechanger within the energy sector? Do you have what it takes to work in a young and growing company? Are you our new colleague?


Seaborg Technologies is hiring an experienced Senior Mechanical Engineer. As a mechanical engineer at Seaborg, you will hold the responsibility for developing one or several systems that constitute the CMSR. The position will form an integral part of the Mechanical Engineering Group under the Engineering Department and will interface and collaborate with teams of analysts, engineers and chemists, both internally and externally with technical partners, sub-suppliers and regulatory stakeholders.  



  • The design and configuration management of systems, structures and components (SSC) that constitute the CMSR, from requirements through final design and requirements verification, and documentation thereof.  

  • Ensure safety, reliability, operability, compliance, manufacturability and compatibility of SSC – continuously, iteratively and proactively revisiting requirements, solution concepts, calculations, drawings, operating procedures, etc.  

  • Identify and ensure effective application of appropriate design codes such as ASME, ANSI, etc.  

  • Analyse and apply regulatory criteria and standards to complex SSC designs. 

  • Participate in planning efforts and maintain schedule for design activities.  

  • Represent Seaborg in contact with external stakeholders, including sub-suppliers, technical partners and regulatory authorities.  



  • Create and manage work packages of SSC designs.  

  • Conceptualise, analyse, assess and document design solutions for the CMSR and associated experimental campaigns.  

  • Investigate and collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to answer technical questions and reach decisions to maintain progress with engineering design. 

  • Apply SolidWorks to convert design requirements into 3D models and technical drawings.  

  • Apply engineering judgement, hand calculations and SolidWorks Simulation and Flow Simulations to perform preliminary design analysis.  

  • Perform tolerance stack-up analysis to understand critical interface clearances and inform manufacturing and assembly alternatives.  

  • Liaise with sub-suppliers on design, construction and procurement of SSC at various levels of availability.  

  • Prepare and review technical drawings at all scales, from general assemblies to parts, in addition to system requirements and design description documents.  



  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in a relevant engineering discipline. 

  • At least 5 years of relevant experience working with design engineering. 

  • Experience working with fluid systems. 

  • Experience using Finite Element Analysis. 

  • Familiarity with high-performance materials in challenging environments.  

  • Good knowledge of manufacturing capabilities and processes: turning, milling, drilling, reaming, grinding, brazing, welding, and tolerances thereof.  

  • Understanding of NDT techniques and how to design SSC for ease of inspection and maintenance. 

  • Fundamental understanding of and ability to implement GD&T.  

  • Good knowledge of relevant engineering design programs; CAD, FEM, FVM. 

  • Experience with planning, preparing schedules and tracking progress.  



  • At least 10 years of relevant experience working with design engineering.  

  • Experience in the nuclear industry and with nuclear-grade materials. 

  • Familiarity with high temperature fluid systems and relevant standards, such as ASME BPVC Section III, Division 5. 

  • Experience managing projects with external team members. 

  • Knowledge of mechanical systems, structures, components and equipment from the nuclear industry, as well as their supply chains.  

  • Proficiency with SolidWorks CAD and SolidWorks PDM. 



  • Strong attention to detail and quality. A finisher at heart.  

  • Ability to creatively approach and overcome design problems, while retaining motivation over multiple iterations of the same design.  

  • Patient demeanour with willingness to explain, justify, negotiate and provide guidance, also in times of stress.   

  • Capable and willing to speak up and raise opinions, especially about potential pitfalls and concerns, but also commits to decisions.  

  • Team player able to interact with, listen to and understand specialists and managers in a wide variety of technical disciplines. Seaborg’s success depends on our ability to work together.  

  • Reflected around the concepts of ownership, responsibility, accountability, open and clear communication, teamwork, project and technology risks, and safety.  


  • The chance to impact the global energy landscape
  • A modern office space near the most vibrant area of Copenhagen
  • A real opportunity to have your voice heard – we’re a young and fast-growing company
  • A varied social calendar driven by team members (board-game nights, sports groups, summer company trips, family events, beer brewing etc.)
  • Subsidised lunch
  • Flexible hours
  • International team
  • Available opportunities and support to advance your personal development
  • Significant stock warrants for all new employees


At Seaborg Technologies we are developing and bringing to market an advanced and innovative molten salt reactor technology to provide safe and sustainable nuclear energy to the world. We are working closely with regulators, shipyards, and the nuclear industry to produce floating advanced nuclear power plants by 2025. 

Our success is entirely due to our brilliant and passionate team of employees - a team we are currently in the process of expanding with more world-class talent to achieve global impact.


We are based in Denmark, a country known for its high quality of life and extensive social welfare system. Read about all the benefits of living in Denmark in here.

Intrigued? Please submit a motivational letter and CV. We look forward to reading your application and, if all goes well, changing the world together.